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Why Every Business Needs PR While They Grow

950 350 Emma Macharia

Michelle Garrett Whether or not you do it yourself, use a consultant, an agency, or have an in-house PR…

Building your brand through Public Relations

275 183 Emma Macharia

With the pace of the technological innovation, the needs and desires of consumers change faster than ever. Companies…

The real power of a brand lies in memory

1024 683 Emma Macharia

I have seen ‘brand’ referred to as if it were something to rank alongside production, supply chain and…

4 Marketing Tasks You Can Automate

692 613 Emma Macharia

Save time and amplify your brand with marketing automation tools

Why You Need to Add Facebook Messenger to Your List of Marketing Tools

1024 576 Emma Macharia

Messenger is bigger than Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram combined. You probably already market to customers on social media…


680 405 Emma Macharia

Have you thought of adding Snapchat to your marketing mix? Well if you haven’t, you should. A breakdown…

How Cause Marketing Can Boost Your Brand

960 640 Emma Macharia

image courtesy of Shutterstock With the last quarter of the year upon us, companies are pulling out all…

Collaboration and Cooperatives for business development

800 400 Emma Macharia

Image coutesy: REPOST: We have avenues for business growth and development if we collaborate and cooperate. The…

The Art of Business Story Telling for Small Businesses

960 686 Emma Macharia

In a world where the consumer is spoilt of choice from increasing number of substitutes; businesses are spending…


759 500 Emma Macharia

Emma Macharia, CEO, EM Consulting Emma Macharia is a communications consultant at EM Consulting, a communications firm based in…

How to build a knock-out brand

600 423 Emma Macharia

By Richard Branson There are so many important decisions to make when starting out in business – where…

3 Things Russia’s Largest Fashion Retailer Can Teach You

970 450 Emma Macharia

Credit: Getty Images By Lisa Morgan | Journalist and content strategist Gloria Jeans, Russia’s largest retailer, has a secret:…

Launching your marketing plan successfully in 3 phases

277 182 Emma Macharia

By Riro Jeremy Taking your competitors head-on and conquering new markets is every entrepreneurs dream. Even more fulfilling…

4 Ways to Improve Your Strategic Thinking Skills

450 300 Emma Macharia

By Nina Bowman If you’ve ever received feedback that you “need to be more strategic,” you know how frustrating…

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