• 19th September 2017

Collaboration and Cooperatives for business development

Collaboration and Cooperatives for business development

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REPOST: We have avenues for business growth and development if we collaborate and cooperate. The answer for growth and development lies in working together (the Kenyan Harambee spirit).

Businesses may work collaboratively to achieve a number of key business benefits: Financial benefits – the financial benefits of being part of a network can include an increase in sales, submitting a joint tender to win larger contracts or a reduction in costs by sharing resources. When businesses team up as groups that are working hard to make their neighborhoods a better place, everyone wins. With a healthy perspective and by employing wining strategies, businesses can allocate resources effortlessly and enjoy the benefits of both a strong, positive reputation in our community and strong morale and team spirit. Community partnerships create a touch point, so that sometime in the future, a person who needs a company’s product or service might say, “I’ve heard of them in our group…go see Agnes through this contact.” In creating this, clear terms and conditions must be agreed in in advance writing to regulate relationships.
1. Financial benefits – the financial benefits of being part of a network can include an increase in domestic or export sales, submitting a joint tender to win larger contracts or a reduction in costs by sharing resources.
2. Shared Human capital – the benefits to staff can include developing employees’ skills and abilities, safe-guarding jobs, increasing employment and encouraging staff motivation.
3. Physical capital – the benefits of being part of a network can have an impact on the physical capital of the business by supporting the sharing of facilities, equipment and raw materials.
4. Intellectual capital – the intellectual capital of a business can benefit through information-sharing, engagement in collaborative research and development, and design activities. They may avail of other companies’ complementary strengths, capabilities and also share best practice.
5. Develop new processes – joining a network can support a business to develop new or innovative products, processes or services. It may help increase company knowledge of a marketplace to help them identify potential new customers and allow them to compete more effectively.
Co-operative societies are community structures that work to promote authentic democracy and social justice. The following are the obvious benefits:
1. Co-operatives are democratic business organizations equally owned and controlled by a group of community members by common-bond admission – all are co-operators, period.
2. Membership is non-discriminatory – one member, one vote. Co-operative members equally share the burden in hard times and equally share benefits in good times.
3. Co-operatives emphasize the need to genuinely embrace the shared leadership and ‘citizenry. Co-operatives strive to make members’ lives, communities and economies more just and equitable and democratic.
4. Because co-operatives are democratically owned by community members, co-operatives keep much of their money and jobs in their communities. Much of co-operatives’ money is not stuffed in foreign banks; jobs are created for the people in the co-operative community – youth, women and people living with disability.
5. Co-operatives offer achievable and practical solutions, to many economic, environmental and social problems that can be implemented right now.
6. Co-operatives aren’t charities; they are an empowerment means for self-help and solidarity. Co-operative leadership build infrastructure, such as the industrial parks, and promote empowerment rather than giving hand-outs among its populace, to attract votes. It acknowledges that everyone has a gift and should therefore engage in co-operative community and business building.

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